My Programming Story

Pre sixth form college my experience of programming was limited to basic web development and simple copy paste tutorials from online. At sixth form college I took A level computing and learn to program in Visual Basic. In the second year we were asked to produce a piece of software as a project. I decided I wanted to write a mobile application. I spent the year teaching myself Java and Android mobile development so that I could complete this. I ended up building a game called FlipSide, and releasing it on the Google Play store. While my coding style at this point wasn't the best I learnt a lot from the process. Like how to structure classes in Object Orientated programming and how to build better applications.

Year at IBM

Between sixth from and university I took a year out to work for IBM. I was part of a gap year scheme they called the Futures Scheme. During the year I worked for a team called Emerging Technology. This team focused around rapidly developed demo's to be shown to clients. My focus while on the team was around Augmented Reality, I worked on an application called Farsight. This application allowed users to find key points around them and see them in an AR view. It used a mixture of location and marker based AR to find these points. I also worked on a couple of other projects including an application designed for lift sharing to office blocks. And a AR viewer for 3d models that used location and accelerometer data to display the models in the real world.


For my undergraduate I studied Software Engineering at Swansea University. I graduated with a 2:1 at the end of 3 years of study. Throughout the course I worked on various projects mostly in Java. I took a range of modules including; mobile development, Machine learning and big data, Web development, and Embedded devices.


I am now studying a Masters in Science by Research at Swansea University. The degree is in Computer Science and is making use of data from the Ospery's rugby club. The goals of the project is to do analysis and machine learning on this data to improve the teams performance.